Social Sciences and Humanities is a science dealing with the understanding of various aspects of human development. It includes an immeasurable domain of career options namely psychologist, sociologist, historian, political scientist, archaeologist, anthropologist amongst several others. While a career in engineering and the medical field is becoming a traditional and ambiguous concept, competition in these fields is at its peak. Securing a seat in a reputed social science college requires outstanding marks at the +2 level. On the other hand, some universities conduct entrance tests and personal interviews as a selection process. It is more favorable to have humanities as a stream in the 10+2 level, regardless; there has been an influx of science and commerce students taking up courses at the undergraduate level. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, political sciences and anthropology is a benchmark in career qualification. One may further go for a Master’s Degree and PhD for better career prospects. Jobs opportunities can be found in the Private Sector, Government Sector, Judiciary sector and several other avenues depending on the area of specialization. Popular fields include- Counselor, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, and Professor amongst several other career paths.