Ethical Hacking is a profession which is steadily growing as a highly regarded career option in India. It is synonymous with “Internet-Security”. The job prospects are endless be it in Public sector or Private sector. There is prime utilization of in-depth computer knowledge and creativity to seek vulnerable spaces in the systems to help companies anticipate and prevent future network hacking. Ethical hackers contribute significantly to controlling cyber-terrorism as well. The specialization in this career path according to a person’s interest encompasses the following; C++ or JAVA, Cyber-System; Data Security; UNIX knowledge, Computer Networks. Keeping the present-day scenario in mind, people with aptitude and passion compete for various lucrative career-avenues in this field. It is fundamental to have a concrete foundation in Computer Science/Information Technology for a career in Ethical Hacking. Students are recommended o choose a combination of Science with Computer Science. A degree in B.Tech/B.Sc. provides a solid comprehension for the basic concepts for a student aspiring for a career in Ethical Hacking. Reputed companies; WIPRO, AIRTEL, RELIANCE, INFOSYS, ELIXIR WEB SOLUTIONS, KPMG, IMB, PRICE WATERHOUSE are always on the lookout for efficient Hacking professionals.