The Training and Development wing at Infoyoung specializes in providing a systematic approach to addressing the Learning and Development needs of Organizations across India. We score from the industry by our ability to truly understand the training needs of an Organization. Because we sincerely believe that the organization should have a good return on the investments. This is only possible when the training is specific and results driven. We provide powerful training solutions to the SME Sector and SME corporate of India. We also undertake outsourcing and management of Induction Training.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Corporations around the globe today realize that one of the most important ingredients of success is Human resource management and Training is an indispensable part of Human Resource Management. Training leads to Human resource development; it ensures that the available human resource is apt to understand and perform in accordance with the ever changing modern day market dynamics and economic challenges; it is that part of the organizational activity which is concerned with acquisition of newer capabilities to face the changing times and needs of the Market.

Need for Training

  • To keep pace with the rapid change in Technology
  • To increase the Capability, capacity and performance of employees
  • To handle work pressure/Stress.
  • To improve interpersonal skills
  • Manage Conflict for positive outcome
  • To incorporate Organizational Culture & values

We at Infoyoung India value and appreciate your time and business and are committed to provide world class training in any of the areas mentioned below with visible and quantifiable outcome. We design, develop and deliver training on various modules: