The ability to travel the world on high seas, and give way to one’s adventurous side along with the possibility of high remuneration, makes a career in the Merchant Navy highly attractive for many young people. The key difference between the Merchant Navy and the Indian navy is that the latter is involved with the defense of India, while the former operates in the domain of offering commercial service. The Merchant Navy forms the backbone of international trade and import-export business via sea. Though the career offers high remuneration, which is an attractive point, it is a tough career path with the need to stay away for months at sea. Job opportunities for this career option are excellent with both government and private shipping companies recruiting trained professionals for positions in multiple departments of ships such as Deck, Engine and Service. Students interested in this career must pursue PCM at the 10+2 level and should also meet the set physical requirements. Admission in colleges is through an entrance test followed by screening test/ written examination and interviews. Top recruiting firms – Shipping Corporation of India, Great Eastern Shipping, Chevron & Mobil of USA, d’ Amico, Wallem Ship Management of Hong Kong. Popular fields include – Marine Engineers, Navigating Officers.