Our mentors have conceptualized mentoring programs that help students of all ages thrive outside the classroom, develop their talents and contribute to society. We guide our younger students through a variety of extracurricular activities and help choose the right one for them. We help them develop and leverage their skills while getting more involved in their communities. Our customized mentoring services help our older students recognize their talents and interests and offer practical, actionable ways they can be transformed into a long-term career plan. A key aspect of our program is to help students think through their education goals and align them with their career aspirations in our one-on-one mentoring sessions. Our mentors help students form long term, flexible plans based on their passion and interests. The objective of the program is to help students set goals and be self-accountable.


The undergraduate and graduate mentoring programs help students build on their unique personalities and stand apart from their peers. Our mentors aid students in assessing their strengths, weaknesses, expectations and vision in order to help them develop skills that they are truly passionate about. Students are rightly confused by the considerable number of choices available and the career mentoring program helps them work through their confusion. Our mentors help students ask questions necessary to think through various possibilities, narrow down their choices and start working towards their professional success. The program consists of the following parts:

  • A SWOT Analysis
  • Profile Building
  • Interest Investigation
  • Skill Development
  • Reading Program
  • Technical Development
  • Community Outreach

This helps students form a long term flexible career plans based on their priorities.

A significant number of professions that the students of today will see have not yet been created due to the changing nature of industries. Career Coffee is a series of weekly workshops that introduce eclectic careers to students and their parents. This 2 hour workshop introduces career options, gives an industry overview and explains the academic preparation and practical skills needed to access opportunities in the field. The workshop includes a discussion with a mid-career professional in the industry, and describes the lifestyle and personality trait associated with the career option. It is followed by an open question and answer session with the speaker.

Every student faces the question of choosing a career stream especially after class 10th and 12th. Most decisions are based on academics, perceptions and peers. In a world that is rapidly globalizing is this a good way for students to base the foundations of their career?

We present a better way.

Career Exploration Tool – DISHA – aims to guide high school students in thinking through the choices they have to make. This test provides a detailed insight into a candidate’s aptitude, skills, area of interest and personality traits that would help them in building a successful and satisfying career.

DISHA is a 1.5 hour digital test that gives results based on cognitive skills and personality. The test is available in multiple languages and can be customized by student age group. The test is based on globally recognized RAISEC model of interest used across the world for career counseling. It helps identify the test takers interest and level of preparation for various careers in addition to advising the path forward.

The assessment is mapped to Indian careers after extensive research. This diagnostic helps point out what a candidate can do well and would they would like to do. Every student is assessed on their interests, skills and personality traits