If you possess the passion to travel across the globe and interact with new people, a career as Cabin Crew is an excellent choice. The Cabin Crew is in-flight members that make passengers comfortable while in the air; flying to various destinations. Essentially they see to the passengers boarding, luggage, seats, food as well as their basic requirements along with the responsibility of introducing them to certain safety measures. They are expected to provide a written report detailing the records of the flight, which includes sales report about food and other in-flight products as well as an account of uncanny experiences on the flight. Training in cabin crew services includes the study of the profession, in-flight procedures and emergencies, passenger handling, duties after landing, flight evaluation, dealing with passengers with special needs, food and beverage services amongst many others. To aspire to be a member of Cabin Crew one has to be physically fit and eloquent. Certain airlines have specific requirements in terms of weight as well as height. Candidates should also possess good communication and interpersonal skills with the right amount of tactfulness. Selection is usually based on an interview followed by a group discussion. The candidates are eligible to apply after completing class 12th. Before starting work as a professional, one is required to gain some basic knowledge about the job through a course that lasts for around 6 months to a year. A degree in hotel management is recommended for fast track movement and good growth potential. Recruiters include all the leading International and Domestic Airlines such as Singapore Air, Emirates, Jet Airways, Air India, Indigo, etc.