Counselling for Class 8th, 9th & 10th

A three step process is followed to cover all aspects of subject selection

This session is conducted to understand the aspirations of the student and the parents. In today’s world there are also multiple career choices ranging from medicine to mass communications, engineering to event management, marine biology to information technology, culinary arts to music. Opting for the right career is a challenging task because people are confused; need exposure. They need a framework to help get to a career they will ‘enjoy’. Various careers, apart from the mainstream careers are discussed, which makes it easy for the child to select the subject keeping in mind his final goal.

This is the online test and the child needs to come to our office and take this test.

Career Exploration Tool – DISHA – Aims to guide students of classes 9 to 10 making them think through the choices they have to make. This test provides a detailed insight into a candidate’s aptitude, skills, area of interest and personality traits that would help them in building a successful and satisfying career.

DISHA is a 1.5 hour computer based test that makes assessment for cognitive skills and personality. The test is based on globally recognized RAISEC model of interest used across the world for career counselling. It helps one identify what one will enjoy doing and how prepared one is for it. It helps points out next steps to take.

The assessment is mapped to Indian careers after extensive research. A feedback on right career choice is provided and explained. This diagnostic helps to point out what a candidate can do well and would they would like to do. Every student is assessed on their interests, performance and personality traits. Based on the report and the personal interaction of the counselor with the student, the subject options are suggested to the child.

Counselling for Classes 11th & 12th

Three steps
Career Planning

Face to face counselling session is conducted to assess the subjects taken and to build a set of undergraduate courses that can be targeted based on your choice.

Infoyoung helps you to align and identify your potential with the best possible career that suit your choices The scope of the career choices is explained and the various activities and traits required to achieve the set goal is discussed in detail.

A customized set of universities is created for the students. A very realistic set of plan – Plan A and Plan B is built after the detailed discussion with the parents and the child. This helps the child to get focused and work with a clear mind towards a set goal. It becomes much easier to chase when you have the target set. We offer a very unique Indian University Application support program to the student. He can choose between the online and the offline support program as per his requirement. These programs ensure that the child can focus just on his studies, leaving the process of admission to us.