Applied arts; the skill of combining artistic vision with commercial need. It is the art of producing objects which are utilitarian and aesthetic as well as easy for people to use. Artists in this field apply creative arts to practical use. The work of an applied artist is seen in the most mundane objects be it a table, chair, utensils as well as complex articles like microwaves, smartphones, food processors and several others. However, the field of Applied Arts is often confused with the field of Fine Arts which is fundamentally the basics for applied arts however the requirements are different. Architecture, Industrial designing, Graphic arts, jewelry, photography decorative arts to name a few are the various fields that fall under this career path. Selection to a few universities for Bachelors in Fine Arts and Applied Arts is based on an aptitude test; which consists of drawing, creative composition in painting, sculpture in clay and graphic design. Several universities provide Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts; an aspiring candidate can also pursue Bachelors in Fine Arts with Honors in Applied Arts. Applied Arts professionals take up jobs in sectors like animation, advertising companies, dance studios, television, software companies, magazines, digital media etc. Popular fields include- Animation, Graphic Designer, Advertising, etc.