The combination of art and technology to produce movies, digital content, websites, video games, etc fall under the career path of Animation and Graphics. This domain requires pre-requisite basic knowledge of fine arts along with the ability to use computers and technology for creating digital special effects, producing 2D AND 3D programs, creating graphics for logos, websites, illustrations and several other things. UI/UX designers are at the helm. A career in Animation and Graphics can be an ideal job for people who have a creative inclination as well are tech-savvy. Along with the right education in the field, one should have the passion to excel in animation graphics. Bachelor’s degree in graphic designing, graphic arts or visual communication is available in various universities and institutes. One can also pursue bachelors in fine arts and then apply for a certificate or diploma course in animation. If one’s interests lie in UI/UX design, then computer science is an important subject for them. Job opportunities are available in Top Design Firms, Advertising Agencies, MNCs, Website and App Development Agencies, Electronic Industry, Entertainment Industry amongst others. Popular fields include- Character Animator, UI/ UX Designers, Graphic Designers