In today’s fast-paced world, the paucity of time has led many people to adopt a lifestyle which is not necessarily healthy. Dietetics is the art and science of providing a different variety of food to people based on the principle of nutrition. Professionals in this area create awareness regarding healthy eating as well as living habits. They help people from different age groups, culture and also the ones suffering from diverse problems and diseases to structure a diet plan which helps in improving their quality of life. There is an influx of customers leading to a higher scope in the path of Nutrition and Dietetics. Fields of specialization in this area include clinical dieticians, community dieticians, management dieticians, and consultant dieticians. One is recommended to opt for Science subjects at the +2 level for a career in nutrition and fitness. Thereafter, pursue a bachelor’s degree in any science-related subject preferably in biology, clinical nutrition + dietetics, home science or food and nutrition. India has several prestigious colleges which offer education and degrees in this field. Job opportunities for Dieticians are endless with several avenues to explore be it gyms, slimming centre’s, schools, hospitals, food-related laboratories and research centre’s in private or even the government sector. Dieticians are in demand in the mass media domain as well as they help promote the quality of life among people across the globe. While most professionals work as dieticians to help people gain or lose weight, there are still many who can get into research and policymaking related to different food items.