People who are leaders, willing to risk it all are synonymous to the career path of Entrepreneurship. They are on the lookout to take advantage of market opportunities by innovation and improvement of already existing products and services. Developed countries are moving from ‘managerial’ to ‘entrepreneurial’ economies. India, as an emerging economy, is making certain that entrepreneurship is embraced as a career choice. The environment for Entrepreneurship commonly known as Start-Ups is at its peak nowadays. While no specific education or training is required to start a business venture of one’s own, the odds of success augment exponentially when entrepreneurs are educationally advanced. With the popularity of entrepreneurship rising, many universities/ institutes offer programs to spruce budding entrepreneurs. These programs are available both at undergraduate (BBS, BBA) and postgraduate levels (MBA). Most top business schools also provide courses for entrepreneurship. Other than the path of owning one’s own business, participating in a family business or starting a partnered venture, entrepreneurs also take up roles in the field working in the family business consulting, sales, research and development, not-for-profit management, and mid-level management. Popular fields include – E-Commerce, M-Commerce, EduTech, FinTech, Healthcare.