A career in Design is solely for people who possess a creative bent of mind and are capable of innovating connections between shape, colours, textures and materials. There is a requirement of designers in almost every field; be it clothes, buildings, designing cars, products, logos, merchandise sets, theatre sets or even landscapes. While most people indulge in computer-aided designs, a basic leaning towards fine art is intrinsic to design. Design as a career has a wide variety of subfields including fashion designing, interior designing, web designing, graphic designing, set designing, visual merchandise designing, industrial designing amongst several more. However, each of these categories requires a domain specialization. A person can select their area of specialization based on their interest, skill and aptitude. Most institutes have an entrance exam for admission. Competition for premier institutes like NID and NIFT is soaring and difficult to achieve. To build a career in design one should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the particular field. Designers can find jobs in Fashion Houses, Media Houses, Automobile Industry, Technology Firms, and Web Designing Firms amongst many others. A lot of designers also pursue their career as a Freelancer. Popular fields include- Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Animation & Graphics.