Life Science is a boundless field. It encompasses all areas of Science that includes the systematic study of Living organisms such as the methodical study of the living organisms such as Human Beings, Plants and Animals. Life science can be categorized into two broad sections- Medicine and Biology. Life scientists are mostly research and development-oriented. Specialized fields in this career path include- Cognitive Neuroscience, Biodynamic, Evolutionary Genetics, Tissue Engineering, Molecular Biology and Neuroinformatics amongst several others. Environmental science is the study of the conservation of energy, biodiversity, climatic change, groundwater, soil contamination along with an addiction to the treatment of air, water and noise pollution. With an increase of awareness about climate change, it has emerged as a sought after career all over the globe as people are taking up the responsibility of keeping the environment balanced and planet Earth sustainable. Specialized fields include – Ecology, Environmental Planning, and Pollution Biology etc. Candidate needs to pursue science subjects i.e. physics, chemistry, biology at 10+2 level to proceed for higher studies in these courses further. Some of the major recruiters include – Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Government Organizations, Research Centres etc. Popular fields include- Ecologists, Molecular Biology, Environmental Science.