Though a lot of information is available on the web or through the newspapers etc., there is a dearth of curated and targeted information regarding the choice of universities that is specific to the needs of the students and parents. Students need to focus on information that concerns them. We offer an ONLINE package of services to the students and the parents to meet their needs.

In the ONLINE services pack we will offer a variety of services to the students. The services will be delivered primarily through email. The package will consist of an email that will be delivered to the students every 2 weeks beginning July 2019. The service will get initiated with a face to face meeting with the mentor / counsellor where the student and the family will be present and broad targets, subjects and the plans will be understood in order to ensure the targeted delivery of information.

This program will comprise of mailers and alerts .

Mailers will be comprehensive once covering variety of issues like

A Note on a set of Universities in every mailer. These universities will be decided from a list of Top 50 Universities in advance during the face to face meeting. It will cover selection criterion for the University / college for the specific subject of interest, Last year cut offs – if publicly available and many more such topics will be covered for almost 30-35 universities.

Alerts will begin from October 2019. We will start offering you the alerts to the admissions related details of the Universities / colleges that have been selected in your plan A and B , which will be a list of shortlisted 15 universities. These alerts will ensure that you do not miss out on deadlines/ initial application rounds for colleges/ university in the chosen area developed upfront.

The Alerts will cover

  • Application deadlines
  • Link to applications
  • How to apply
  • Availability of scholarships and the application criteria for the same


This is our flagship consulting program that is designed for customized support to the children as per their needs. This program allows the children to seek support that they need in a customized manner for their own career planning.

This is basically a program that is catering to your specific needs and we provide support and counseling that is customized for you. It is focused program with a much higher face to face and phone based support.

Career Guidance Session
  • Assessing the subjects taken and building a set of undergraduate courses that can be targeted
  • Building an understanding of what all is possible after those subjects

University / College Selection
  • Building up a customised set of universities for the students.
  • Building a realistic set of Plans – Plan A and Plan B
  • Finalising a set of universities / colleges to be targeted.
  • Admission requirements for the university list that has been customised – to understood and followed – especially on the online program.

We will provide 2 personal and customised sessions for the student on a face to face basis on the varied issues related to the admissions process.
  • The idea is to cover additional activities, study sources, extra things that may be needed to be undertaken, any confusion on the choices etc.
  • These are personalised sessions and will be built basis the personal choices of the students and the parents.
  • It will include kind of Extra Curricular activities, projects and internships etc that the student should undertake in high school.

Specific application / essay / interview support will be provided for the applications
  • Assistance in application filing and building a positioning for the applications – especially to the private universities.
  • Finalisation of the resumes and related documentation for the student.
  • This includes brainstorming on the essay topics, some essay practice.

Interview Preparation
  • 2-3 sessions on the interview preparation as needed for the applications. This will include video sessions, recording, and feedback on a variety of topics.
  • This will be use to the students even when they are not applying to the universities that need the interview preparation.

Face to Face Interview

This is over 15 hours of direct contact on a face to face basis with the child (and parents) apart from the support on phone, emails and research etc.