This is the most lucrative career for those who love ships and travelling, and don’t wish to hold a 9 to 5 desk job. A career in the merchant navy involves trading in commercial items like live stocks, liquid cargo, general cargo, oil tankers, chemical tankers and the like all over the world via sea-routes. As a result of this, it is considered as the backbone of international trade. This also serves as the difference between Merchant Navy and Indian Navy where the latter is engaged in defending the nation with its naval power. Those in the Merchant Navy get the opportunity to explore and get themselves acquainted with different locations, people and their culture. Though the career offers high remunerations, it is a tough job as one has to stay at sea for months at a time. In spite of this, a career in the Merchant Navy is considered to be a highly satisfying one, especially if one is interested in travelling all around the world.