Game development as a career is about developing and designing games which everyone plays on their laptop, mobile phones etc. It is a profession which involves hard work, dedication and passion for games. Making games is technical and creative work, and in this career, you will understand the technicality involved in the creation of a game. There is an increasing demand of games as there is an increasing development of gadgets, hence Game Development is a promising career option. Game developers can work as individuals or in an organization which is involved in developing games for various gadgets. The students of game development study about the technical steps, policies, developing creative games etc. Proficiency in C++, JAVA will be of an advantage in this career. Game developers make the core features of the video games which include conducting design reviews, designing role play mechanics, coding and programing etc. Various paths are available for an individual to become a game developer that involve studying computer science engineering, animation and graphic designing etc.