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The daunting time is around the corner. You will get numerous suggestions by your family, friends or mentors about choosing Academic or Professional degree. While some may say, professional degree has its perks and other would say academic degree is traditional and one should go for it!


Each one of us wishes to have a successful career ahead! The good news is that you have InfoYoung India  to help you in taking the most important decision of your life in the most scientific and logical manner, keeping in mind your strengths , weaknesses and the fast changing needs of the job markets .


In this blog, we’re going to explain the major difference and the respective advantages & disadvantages of the both professional and academics  degrees


An academic degree course has more value to find established jobs. But, on the contrary, professional degree colleges have a sound and strong background in the recent times. It trains you with practical skills; the mere goal is to give a strong foundation such that you become “Job-Ready” as a final outcome.


Let’s help you figure out what works the best for you!


Benefits of a Professional Degree


There are multiple reasons why professional degree can benefit you! First and the foremost would be that it prepares you for a full-fledged job. The popular courses are B.Tech (engineering), MBBS (medical), BDS (dentistry), and B.Arch. There are many other off-beat courses as well like animation or BBA (business).


  1. Provides Practical Training

Lots of practical training goes behind, these courses train the students for the industrial behaviours; it gives you a descriptive study such that you become an expertise of the subject!


Benefit: The career has immense benefits that when you’ll face the real world, you will be already aware of what skills are required in a full-time job.


  1. Courses are Fast-Paced

It’s the world where everyone is hustling. Thanks to a Professional Degree where students in an institute are nourished in a way that they develop how to build themselves in a fast-paced world. It gives you an opportunity to have an insight in the bustling work environment.


  1. Admissions are based on Entrance Exams

Professional degree courses treat each and every student as one and equal. They don’t differentiate with the marks. Hence, they put up an entrance test to see who is capable enough to get enrolled into the best institute.


Let’s throw some light on the academic degrees.


Benefits of an Academic Degree


Academic Degrees have been in trend since when our great grandparents used to study. The traditional degrees like BA, B.Sc. and B.Com offers specialisation in various subject matter like English/Economics/or a B.Sc. in Applied Sciences.


  1. Keep more career alternatives open


This is the biggest advantage . That you get another 3 years to think and finally choose what you want to be in your life .  The flexibility that it offers is great for the future purpose. One of the huge perks is that it opens various career paths for future. Let’s explain with an example: When you are aware that you have great skills in English and wish to pursue that further, you can easily apply for a B.A.(H)- English and further apply for a journalism course or may be a course in communication or may be a masters in Human Resource or do a job in media sector. It will help you identify where your skillset reside.


  1. Helps You Specialise

If you are specialised in the same subject, say English, and you do the Bachelor’s and Master’s in the same subject then you’re offered to avail in-depth knowledge of the particular subject.


  1. Admissions are Merit-Based

Usually, admissions for academic degree courses are on merit basis. If you have scored well enough in your 12th boards and if you match the criteria of getting an admission in the desired college, . But theses days just an honours degree is not enough to make you employable after graduation . You should do lot of other courses along with the degree , so that you  can get a good job as soon as you finish your graduation . Your can do a course in and foreign language and also do not miss on doing summer internships in the area of your interest say. This will give you an edge over other candidates applying for the job .


  1. A Few Courses Require Academic Degrees

There are lot many courses that need a valid quintessential academic degree  before you can achieve the final professional degree , For example such as an LLB degree for Law, B.A. degree can also be a match made in heaven to do before Law, and a degree in Commerce to become a CA.


  1. Provides the Option of Distance Education

Some colleges also offer distance learning option in academic degrees which is a win-win thing for you! With the correspondence format, you can easily do a job alongside or enrol in some practical course which might help you later on.


Now the question arises, which one is the best suitable option, Academic Degree or Professional Degree?


It is the answer to the very crucial step in your life. Whatever you opt for will lately become the life-decision as a road to success! And remember , Graduation is the most important degree of your life and this decision should be made under the complete guidance of the parents , councillors and consent of the child .Research carefully because it’s about your dream career and know your goals at academics before you take the final call. As we discussed, a professional degree will train you for the job you wish to do in near future, and in other profiles academic degree is the basic foundation for a strong stable and successful long term career


Nonetheless, both the degrees will groom you for your future. If you still have any doubts, don’t forget to give us a call. It’s always better to have a well-informed knowledge more than the half one.