Sustainability Management is a career which involves maintaining a balance of the resources in such a manner that they can be preserved for future generations and can be used by current generations as well with managerial skills. This particular career aims at thriving the economy by balanced use of the resources so that the resources can be preserved for future generations by limiting resource depletion. It is found to working in various domains such as environment, business, agriculture, society etc. with the main aim of reducing resource exhaustion. The job role of sustainable managers involves forming an intersection between the environment, society, economy, culture etc. by creating various equipment which are ecofriendly, educating stakeholders about the practices which are causing harm to the environment and help managers formulate programs that would cause least harm to the environment. Students pursuing sustainability management will study about green economy, sustainable innovation, green marketing, green production etc. All those individuals who would want to do something for the environment and make a change by being involved in the various organizations, this is a career for you.