Business across borders is more the norm today than the exception, and has created an increased need for Cultural Awareness Training. Organizations have realized that in order to succeed, they have to be equipped with the knowledge of how cultural differences of consumers affect the mode of operation and business. Cultural awareness is of vital importance, as application of such knowledge can greatly contribute to the success of an organization.

In today’s globalized business world, Cross Cultural Training Programs at Infoyoung help organizations in raising cultural awareness, and tolerance of the intricate differences in culture.

The Cross Cultural Training and Diversity Training programs conducted by Infoyoung focus on the following areas:

  • Business culture
  • Intercultural communication etiquette
  • History
  • Political System
  • Cuisine
  • Transportation
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Cross cultural communication protocols
  • Phrases and mannerisms typical to the culture

So whether your employees deal with international clients over telephone, teleconferences, or face-to-face – you can be rest assured that, after attending our Cultural Awareness Training, they would be able to create a lasting impression in the minds of the clients – both internal and external.

Course Pedagogy & Duration

The Minimum course duration is for 4 hours. Course duration of 4 hours will include presentations, seminal talks, case study analysis, role play and simulations and feedback sessions. However, the course duration may be mutually extended based on your requirements and the number of participants.

Pre Training Visit

Our training team might require a pre training visit to your Organization depending on the nature of training to be extended to your employees. This will help them to analyze your requirements better.

Course Charges

Course charges will vary depending on the course duration and the trainer. However, since we value your relationship, we would rather customize our services and charges to meet your expectations. Please feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Post training certificates & testimonials 

We will provide as per your requirements post training certificates and individual report to participants indicating their strengths, improvement areas and also suggest links and books for further improvement on specific areas of training