If you are one of those people who feel that a working within the boundaries of a single state is restricting, then working as a cabin crew might just be your calling. Travelling around the globe, experiencing different cultures week by week and at the same time making sure passengers have a great flight all thanks to you is one of the simplest ways to describe the life of a cabin crew member. Cabin crew involves trained individuals, working on flights who are responsible for making sure that the passengers on board travel with the utmost comfort and safety. In addition, the cabin crew is trained to handle situations in case of emergency. The cabin crew is required to perform various duties from starting to end of the flight, i.e pre flight briefing and when the flight is about to land. Pre-flight debriefing and duties involve checking all safety measures to be in working order, taking care of the special requirements of passengers if any, ensuring appropriate first aid and so on. Apart from this cabin crew has to make sure that refreshments and meals are on time, luggage is appropriately handled and passengers follow all instructions during the flight and also while they disembark. The Cabin crew is also required to fill out paper work and flight reports.