Air Traffic Controller is a job which involves managing the traffic in air, monitoring and managing aircraft and runways. They provide with the information to the pilots via radio about the location, runway and monitor the altitude and speed of the aircraft. Air traffic controllers are the back end people who are majorly responsible to overlook that aircraft collision and air traffic mishappenings don’t happen as these mishappenings can cause major loss of property and life. This job is of great responsibility as is given to those individuals who have strong basis in technical aspects as their main aim is safety and smooth flow of air traffic which involves attention to landing and take off of the aircraft, managing the flights which are arriving and departing and so on. Airport Authority of India conduct an examination on the basis of which they hire individuals as air traffic controller. The examination tests the individuals on the basis of medical test, voice test and a written test. Air traffic controllers are the eyes and ears of the pilot, they need to have attention to details and the skill of multi tasking. As a Air Traffic Controller, you can work as Town Controller, Approach Controller, Area Controller etc. All the metioned departments work with each other in unity, so as to ensure safe and smooth functioning of aircraft and the airport.